New Cult Korean Skincare Brand Eclado Laboratory Lands in Singapore

Headquartered in Seoul, Eclado Laboratory is filled with the likes of essential oils, botanical extracts and waters that are sure to pamper your skin.

Derived from “éclat” and “doux” (“shine” and “soft” in French), Eclado Laboratory’s approach lies in achieving healthy skin and its constant research to combat skin problems in safe and effective treatments. From acne, dehydration and wrinkles to hyperpigmentation and anti-aging, Eclado offers a wide range of facial treatments with sophisticated formulations and delivery methods, tailored for every skin type.

Korean Facial Treatment in Singapore

Backed by 20 years of advanced technology, Eclado was originally an exclusive spa line but moved towards covering all skincare needs. The brand prides itself on using natural and wholesome ingredients in its skincare products and facial treatments.

At Eclado, beauty is so much more than skin deep. Eclado is all about in-depth rejuvenation and revitalisation of the skin. The attentive and highly skilled Korean therapists are dedicated to give your skin the attention it deserves on the surface as well as underneath.

Customised Skin Analysis

Before you begin your treatment, the consultants take you through a quick yet thorough skin analysis to find out more about your skin type. The analysis can detect areas of your face that require more care – including any pigmentation, dry patches, uneven skin tone, melanin and sebum levels etc. – in order to customise the facial treatment for your skin condition.

Experience the Peace and Pampering by Dedicated Therapists

Eclado offers six different facial treatments to choose from. The signature Shining Tinker Bell Therapy is a highly popular choice which focuses on whitening for a brighter and more radiant complexion.

For those with troubled skin, Vono Peel Therapy combats acne and clogged pores; while those with dull and uneven skin tone can opt for Vita-Crush Therapy combats skin pigmentation. Interestingly known as ‘vampire therapy’, Ginseno Triple Therapy is developed with Eclado’s exclusive skin science technology that focuses on plumping and lifting the skin.

Rejuven Therapy focuses on keeping the skin moisturised and firm, while F.G.F Downaging Therapy is a unique therapy that slows down aging (hence, the name!) using advanced bio techniques.

Eclado’s Korean therapists are so meticulous and conscious of the skin’s fragility that you can expect minimal pressure during each treatment, which helps in detoxification and achieving that flawless complexion. Sincere in their approach to provide the best service possible to all customers, you will be sure to forget the hustle and bustle of the city and daily stress as you enter a world of comfort and peace.

Eclado Laboratory is located on the second floor of The Centrepoint mall.